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Christmas dress

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Hoe, Hoe, Hoe Merry Christmas everyone!

Materials: 2

Rigged for Panda and Zinpia bases

6 Textures in 2K

Tris: 39,968



Fur texture: ''''

1. You are not allowed to share this product, this product is only for personal or commercial use. Nothing else!

  1. Always credit me via a link to my Gum Road page as a credit to the original asset.
  2. Can be used on FREE avatars as long as credit is given.
  3. If you notice an individual or friend you know that has ripped the help or obtained it without paying, please do report them as it does take time to make this even if small, so I don't want my work to go to waste. Thank you ;p
  4. Do not sell this asset as an individual product, otherwise, legal action will be pursued.

Even if personal I'd love to see what you do with the asset so don't be afraid to @ my Instagram @blake_vrc!

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Christmas dress

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