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Functional Designer Watch

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This timepiece is a fully functioning watch for Vrchat 3.0 avatars that shows real time.

It shows hours and minutes plus it has the Chronograph Function.

The bezel can rotated the same way as on a real diver watch (Phys bone is used)

The Chronograph function

The Chronograph is essentially a stopwatch on your wrist.

You can operate it pushing a single button in your avatar menu :

1st push - The chronograph starts counting

2nd push - The chronograph stops

3nd push - The chronograph resets

What is the chronograph good for ?

- You can use this to time any event

- You can also use this as a local time display (the time you have spent in the current world).

-VRCFury installation

You can install the watch easily using VRCFury.

Just drag and drop any of the prefabs you like onto your avatar and put anywhere you need in the hierarchy (I recommend left elbow or right elbow)

Manual installation is still possible, if advanced users want to install it manually.


- 2 materials (Fully customisable !)

- 1 Skinned Mesh Renderer

- 1 Bool, 1 Float

- 24,086 Polygons

- 7 Bones

Terms of service

- This product requires knowledge in Unity and Vrchat avatar making, please do not buy if you do not know how to work with avatars.

- Any redistribution, commercial and non-commercial of this prefab is prohibited, unless you purchase the commercial license. With the commercial license you can put this on your finished avatar for sale and include the OSC app with the avatar package.

If used commercially, please credit me on your product page of your finished avatar for sale.

- No installation on public avatars is allowed.

- I do not bear responsibility if Vrchat breaks something through changes in the SDK or changes in the game itself.

- Since this is a digital product, there are no refunds. If you have an issue, please contact me or Fuujin and we will assist you with resolving it. (Fuujins Server:

Credits :

- Watch completely modelled and textured from scratch by me

- Watch rigging, Unity setup and OSC app coded by Fuujin (Fuujin)

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Functional Designer Watch

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